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Healthy Green Morning Smoothie

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Hello Everyone!

Today I have a recipe for you. It's an energy-boosting Green Smoothie. I know, I know... it's GREEN. But it's really quite alright, I would say ! :D

I never tried to make green smoothies, I just assumed I'd hate them. But I gave it a try about a month ago and now I drink one almost every day!

They are super healthy and nutritious for you, and you can make so many different variations of Green Smoothies.

Today I am making one using Lemon, Apple, Spinach, Cucumber and Ginger. As the liquid base I use water and orange juice.

The lemon and ginger make the Smoothie taste really fresh.

When I drink this in the morning it usually helps me make healthy choices throughout my day. I found that if I don't eat a salad or drink a green smoothie a few days in a row, I can fall into bad eating habits.

It helps me stay on track, plus being super nourishing.

I'd say give it a GO!


a cut up Apple

a few chuncks of Cucumber

a big hand full of Spinach

a big slice of Lemon

a tsp of` Ginger

Natural 100% Orange Juice



Place everything into a mixer or blender and mix everything together for about 1 minute to 2.

Instead of Orange Juice, you can use half an Orange if you prefer.

Drink and start your day the healthy way!


Tatiana xx

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