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Disney Audition Day

Hello Lovelies !

Today, I thought I could share my day with you!As you might know, I am a Dance College Student. I'm currently in my last year and I will graduate VERY SOON. AHHG! That means I need to find a job.. lol

I have done a few auditions so far, we do not have THAT much time and our school is located a bit far from everything (we live in spain haha..). I have done a cruise ship (Carnival Cruise Line) and a musical (An American in Paris). But next to writing (or rather "starting") my dissertation paper for next friday ( AHH! ) we are still all trying to find time to audition for jobs.

I have been going through a break up the last few weeks and to be honest, I'm REALLY ready to start something new in a new place. I've been here for 3 years. I need to start living my life now at 24 I believe. Haha.That's why today's audition came at the right time. The audition was for Characters and Dancers for Disney Land Paris. It took place at our college (VERY convenient!) this Sunday morning (don't know who thought that'd be a good idea haha) at 10am (even worse idea).

First, we were told what to expect from the audition, what it would mean to work for Disney and that if we're not picked it doesn't mean we're ugly, since they STUDY your face a lot! (YAY, not ugly :D)I am not allowed to give you all the details about it, but they mainly were judging our animation abilities and our dance abilities. After this they studied a few faces to see whether they might fit to play face characters (= princes/princesses).

So, you all KNOW I'd LOVE to be a princess!Unfortunately, after studying my face they realized I have a mole, and no princess has one... which means I ALMOST got to be a princess!!! :D BUT I didn't get it due to my mole :( It's actually quite sad.. Because I think I'd be a GREAT princess! haha.

They kept about 10 people at the end (from 40) and thankfully they still kept me (even with mole). I'd still be suited for characters (the ones with full body costumes) and parade dancers.

BTW I'm new to this blog writing.. I kinda suck. Haha. Still better than what I've written in my Dissertation so far though :P

So, the long and the short of it, is that I finally actually made it through to the last round for once :D and they would contact me about job possibilities and all the details soon! It's not a job suited for a professional dancer for a long term, BUT it is a starting point and if nothing else comes up it is something to fall back on to. A summer job that is better than waitressing or barwork. :)

I'm very happy and greatful to find a bit of success in this crazy industry I work in.

Just the other day we auditioned for the commercial piece of our show, I tried SUPER hard, but was not picked. This is the Industry.. and it's tough and hurtful. But it's all worth it, once you get that job you want.


I hope you enjoyed this little random talk about my life. I hope you have an awesome day yourself! And thanks for stopping by.

Happy Sunday!

Come back SOOON.

Tatiana xx

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