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1 More Week of College

Hi Everyone!

So the end has finally come.

Tomorrow I start my last week of College!

It's been 3 years that I have been studying at the Performing Arts Institute here in Spain, but I think I am quite ready to leave.

After 4 years of dance training I think the only way for me to grow more and gain more knowledge is to actually work in the industry. Of course, there are many struggles and fears that come with leaving college. I used to be terrified of the idea, yet now it does not feel so bad.

I am ready to START my life and being 24 years old I think it's about time. Haha!

I believe I have come quite far, like all of my class mates as well. We have grown so much, the boys turned into men and the girls became more mature.

As a dancer I think I can be proud to be at the level that I am now. I know there are SO SO SO many think I need to improve and work on, yet if I look at videos from 2 years ago I cannot believe how bad I used to be haha!

Also, I have gained so much knowledge about nutrition and healthy. My field of work helped me realize the bad eating choices I had been making since I was a child.

Since I cut down sugar after my 1st year of college I can say that I have been living so much happier and healthier.

Yes, there was a time I took it overboard and was a bit too skinny and then I gained twice the amount back. But now, at the end of those 3 years I think I'm okay. :D

I'm happy to start my life in the dance industry and see where it will take me.

I'm still not quite sure what kind of dancer I truly am, but maybe that's okay. I never thought I'd call myself a "contemporary" dancer, yet that is probably what I am more than anything at the moment. It really just comes down to you, WHO YOU WANT TO BE. If you want to be a commercial dancer, you could. If you wanted to be a musical theatre dancer you could as well.

What ever you set your mind to, you are able to do. So, I keep my options open for now :D

I do have goals and dreams though. I'd love to be playing and dancing in a musical and I'd also love to do commericals and TV work. I work much better alone in freedom, than in a class room with teachers and panels...

I know I don't fit the perfect mold of a performer, since I get stressed out very easily and work better in silence. But, I think there is something is this industry for me and I will look for it and find it!

Thank you for coming along on this journey with me!

Tatiana xx

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