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About Tatiana



This website shows all my creative interests and passions combined. 


About me -

I live in Germany. I love cats. I love colors. I find pleasure in art, aesthetic beauty and anything creative.

I am an introvert but can be very open and expressive at times :)

I always want to stay true to myself and my inner-child. I never want to forget what was important to me at that age, what made me happy and enthusiastic. 

I like to work hard at something that means a lot to me. But apart from this more serious side, I do love to have fun and be playful. 







The Dancer - 

I have ALWAYS loved to dance, but never took it to a professional level. 

Dance became very important to me at one point in my life. I began teaching myself various dance styles ( I just love variety ) and although I just dance in my room and twice a week at a ballet studio I managed to get accepted at a Dance and Musical School in London. Now I am hoping for the best :)



The fitness instuctor -

I am not a certified fitniss instructor but still find great joy in filming such videos, combining dance elements and fun music with working out. 

I feel as if I can help people be happy and excited to workout. You mustn't see it as torture. 

There are SO many benefits to being healthy and exercising regularly. 

The only downside is that it is hard work, but you can learn to love it. I feel like your whole attitude towards life will change as well.

The artist -


When I was a child I spent hours and hours drawing pictures, writing stories and painting. I have a huge amount of self made magazines and comics. 

Once I got to know myself better I became a better artist, I knew what color combinations I like, what style fits me and what subject I like to focus on.

Painting my nails was first more experimenting. I never wore make-up or polish really so to that time it didn't suit me. Once I had gotten more tools and polishes I could really express my colorful imagination without being scared of being too "bold". 

Now it's just a part of me and designed nails just complete me :)


Facebook Page 

Nail-Art Blog

The performer -

I used to sing and dance around the living room and  "shout out" a song ( which was unusual since I was mostly quiet and calm)

I took part in various pays at schoool and church. I actually wanted to be an actress until I noticed; I first want to know who I am and  "play" myself rather than being confused with playing all these characters.


When my brother found an interest in film-making I joined him. I spent hours and hours of writing scripts, drawing storyboards (which were more like comics that served no benefit for the film at all ^^) and editing. 

My friends and I made a whole lot of small skits and films. We had an ongoing series and 8 minute long movies. We were only children but I am proud to have had a creative and playful childhood.

My bother is now studying film in Los Angeles and we still continue to work on projects together.

I still have A LOT of work ahead of me but I hope to never lose the childish imagination and playfulness about it.

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